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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Winter Edition 2005

A Summary Of Bible Facts About Christ's Second Coming

1. The second coming of Jesus Christ will be a very audible, visible, and public affair; there is nothing secretive about it (Matt. 24:30; I Thess. 4:16; Rev. 1:7).

2. It will occur at the end of the great tribulation period on Christ-rejecting Jews, a period that began in the first Christian century, culminated in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and continues in Judaism's age-long desolate house (Matt. 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-28).

3. Since the second coming of Jesus Christ occurs after the great tribulation period, and since no one can predict the day or hour of its occurrence (Matt. 24:36; 25:13), the length of the tribulation period itself must be indefinite and indeterminate.  It is described in Daniel and the Book of Revelation under the rubric of "1, 260 days," "42 months," and "time, times, and a half." These expressions points to the entire Christian age that now stretches between the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and Christ's second advent. (Before you write this off as something strange, please see our previously published articles on how Christ's resurrection changed the nature of time. There is logic to this, even if you may never have heard of it before. Be humble and learn. Some things were "sealed" that God said in the end-time would be revealed. One should not get so locked into a preconceived system that one cannot handle the prospect of anything new ever coming along! It's a mistake to be close-minded!)

4. The rapture of the church of Jesus Christ is inseparably joined in Scripture, both to the time of the second coming itself (I Thess. 4:15-17), and to the time of the resurrection of the righteous dead, which takes place at the second coming (I Cor. 15:51-52; Rev. 10:7; 11:15-18).

5. The rapture of the church is only one aspect of the general resurrection of all the dead, raised all at once, when Christ returns (Acts 24:14-15; John 5:28-29).

6. The second coming of Jesus Christ issues immediately in the great white throne judgment scene (Matt. 25:31-46; Rev. 20:11-15).

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