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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Fall Edition, 2014

Adam Clarke Mentions The Year 2015 In Prophecy

Adam Clarke’s famous Bible Commentary was completed on March 28, 1825. Now available both in print and on-line, it sheds trusted light on the thought of Methodism two centuries ago. Commenting on Daniel chapter seven, Clarke reveals that he evidently believed the world would continue until at least 2015. He said this about what he thought was the “little horn” of verse twenty five:

If the papal power, as a horn or temporal power, is intended here, which is most likely (and we know that that power was given in 755 to Pope Stephen II by Pepin, king of France), counting 1,260 years from that, we are brought to A.D. 2015. But I neither lay stress upon nor draw conclusions from these dates. If the Church of Rome will reform itself, it will be the true Christian Church, and will never be destroyed. Let it throw aside all that is ritually Jewish, all that is heathen, all which pretends to be of God and which is only of man, all doctrines that are not in the Bible, and all rites and ceremonies which are not of the appointment of Christ and His apostles; and then, all hail, the once Roman, but now, after such a change, the holy Catholic Church! Every true Protestant would wish rather the reform than the extinction of this church” (Commentary On the Whole Bible: abridged by Ralph Earle: Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, 1974, p. 699).


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