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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Fall Edition 1995

Are We Babylon?

    Moral blindness prevents many from recognizing our Hollywood dominated society as the "Babylon" of the Apocalypse that is about to fall. One only has to view TV a few moments, however, to know the truth about the depths of our national moral, social, and religious corruption. We, the "Roman Babylon" of Reformation Bible prophecy, are on the verge of massive social destruction that could happen, as a vindication of Divine justice, at any time.

    The masses are not cognizant of the coming judgment, however, mainly because of the overwhelming influence of dispensational teachings. Dispensational Bible prophecy teachers have, for a long time now, spread their air castles of fantasy and fable far and wide—disinformation, if you please, whose net effect has been to lead fundamental Christianity into a state of great cognitive disenchantment over the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    The answer, quite frankly, is to get out of Darbyism and re-learn, from ground zero up again, the very basic building blocks of Second Coming Bible prophecy. When the Church re-learns prophecy she will once again be cognizant of a contemporary "Babylon." When the Church re-learns prophecy she will once again be made alive to the fact of coming social judgment. When the Church re-learns prophecy she will once again begin, as did Protestants of old, the process of a mighty self-reform.

    And when the Church has been reformed, there is hope that the whole world, also, might be saved. God has no other way to save the word, no other way whatever, then to first reform the Church. No Church is "ready for the rapture" that is not thoroughly reformed, for God is not obligated to rescue "antinomians" from an "Armageddon complex" that is a product of self-fulfilling prophecy---that is created as the results of our own doings.

    Friends, it has been placed in our hand the awesome responsibility to Christianize the nations. And if we neglect to do that from our failure to appropriated the resources that Christ has place at our disposal, are we not unfaithful?

    And who is that unfaithful spouse of Christ, than very harlot, Babylon?
    Are we "Babylon"?
    Are we?

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