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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," February Edition, 2011

Are You Experiencing Cognitive Dissonance Over The Expected Second Coming Of Jesus Christ?

Belief in the imminent return of Jesus Christ has long been characteristic of modern evangelical Christianity. Some of us have been around long enough, however, to remember the days when expectation and talk of the coming of the Lord was much more prevelant than it is now.

It seems the contemporary church-world is now experiencing emotional and intellectual “burn out” with this whole subject of end-time Bible prophecy. Not so many new books are now coming off the press, and not so many “red hot” sermons on the nearness of the “rapture” are now being heard. What’s up with this scenario, anyway? Does anyone smell a scandle in the breaking here, or what? Logic and common sense, friends, would tell us that if the second coming were really as near as many of us thought a few years back, then we should be saying and hearing more and more about it now, instead of less and less, right?

Why has the cat got so many preachers’ tongues when it comes to exhorting on the nearness of the Lord’s coming these days? You know, as well as I do, friends, that increasing numbers of preachers in popular "church-e-anity" are now refusing to touch the subject of end-time Bible prophecy with a ten foot pole. Why the deafening silence now, when just a few years back any-moment secret pretribuation rapture preaching among us was all the rage? Why are we so gummed-up now?

Friends, whether we want to face up to this reality or not, much of the professed moden evangelical movement is experiencing major COGNITIVE DISSONANCE over its heretical, strongly-held any moment secret pre-trib rapture theology. "Cognitive dissonance" means intellectual discord--a troubling sense of dis-harmony in the trust-relationship that we have to tightly-held ideas or beliefs.

Preachers are not preaching so hot and heavy on the any-moment secret pretribulation rapture theory of Scofield/ Darbyism anymore, friends, because they are not as intellectually sure about it as they once were. It’s hard to preach with authority and confidence a system of theology about which one is now having major doubts. These doubts, and the cognitive dissonance that flows out of them, can be alleviated by our now “seeing the light” on the truth of Christ return--and what a wonderful thing that really is!

What is needed is everyone‘s conversion fron the antinomian system of hyper-Calvinistic ideology, called dispensational premillennialism, to an embrace of historic Christian truth. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will break down the walls of prejudice and open peoples’ hearts and minds, so that more and more folks can be led out of “Babylonian Captivity” into the glorious liberty of the saints of God.

God bless all hungry hearts, and give them an increased desire to know the truth. Amen.

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