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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," April Edition 2009

Can Entirely Sanctified People Believe Dispensationalism?

Yes, they may, but it is our opinion that, over time, most of these will lose the sweet blessing due to the increase of “cognitive dissonance” within their mentality that militates against abiding Christian peace.

Entire sanctification is a deeply harmonizing experience, and that inner harmony extends to faith/reason integration as well.

The problem with dispensational beholdance is primarily intellectual and rational. Although it may meet our emotional needs to believe in certain comforting tenants of the theory (such as the idea that Christians will not have to experience any “tribulation” or suffering at the end-time because of their escape via secret pretribulational rapturism), yet, on a rational level, what really matters most, and matters at all, is what can be proven from the Bible.

And this is exactly where dispensational beholdance begins to fall apart. It begins to fall apart when a serious, honest, and extended effort is made to “square” the tenets of the theory with the teachings of the Bible.

Many have set out to bolster their dispensational faith by delving eagerly into the Word, only to end up in a quagmire of conflict and confusion, as the harmony of Scriptural teaching that they had so desperately sought along the pathway of their dispensational learning fails to intellectually satisfy. The testimony of not a few formerly avid dispensationalists is that they were eventually led to “get over” Darbyism by their own patient, faithful, and honest study of Church history and the Bible. This, too, was my experience.

Since entire sanctification is the harmonizing experience of perfect love based on a faith in, and an obedience to, objective Biblical truth, beholdance to theoretical systems that truncate objective Scriptural truths are also, likewise, calculated to have a negative impact on the maintenance of that inner sense of integrity and peace that befits a wholly sanctified soul. Subtle feelings of jaundice are not compatible with the even temperament of heart holiness.

Bottom line: dispensational teachings are founded on exegetical error. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. He does not bear witness to them. Go figure.

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