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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring Edition 1996

How I Raised Myself From Ignorance To Enlightenment About Christ's Second Coming

    Over the years I have done a number of things to enlighten myself about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The first and most important thing I ever did was simply to take an interest in the subject. How else can one understand anything, if one does not make the effort to take some interest in it?

    The second thing I did was to go directly to the Bible as my only source of information. I did not start out by reading all the recommended books on end-time Bible prophecy. Oh yes, I have read most of the books on prophecy that are worth reading now, but when I started out to find the truth, I ignored the folks that everyone had thought were experts, and went directly to the Bible.

Thirdly, I was persistent in my study of the Scriptures—I kept at it. Systematically interpreting scripture by scripture while ever seeking to harmonize the whole, I kept working through the seeming endless maze until the pieces began to fall in place, solidify, and make good common sense.

    If you will get excited, pay attention, and never quit you can readily understand what the Bible really teaches about the second coming of Jesus Christ. It's not that hard, if one is willing to move out of one's comfort zone of cherished preconceptions and preclusions long enough to become, once more, a learner.

Above all things it takes DESIRE. And because the subject matter here is spiritual in nature only the Holy Sprit can inspire this desire. Become spiritually-minded and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a desire to know "the truth of Christ's return."  He is faithful to do exactly that.

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