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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring Edition, 1999

How John Wesley Interpret Daniel's Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks

Modern dispensationalists universally follow the nineteenth century English Plymouth Brethren guru Sir Robert Anderson' theory of interpreting Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. John Wesley, by contrast, believed what the historic Christian church had taught, in the main, for eighteen hundred years. Here is what he said in his commentary on Daniel 9:27.

"27. He shall confirm. Christ confirmed the new covenant: (1) By the testimony of angels, of John the Baptist, of the wise men, of the saints then living, of Moses and Elijah. (2) By his preaching. (3) By signs and wonders. (4) By his holy life. (5) By his resurrection and ascension. (6) By his death and blood-shedding. Shall cause the sacrifice . . . to cease. All the Jewish rites and levitical worship. By his death he abrogated and put an end to this laborious service forever."

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