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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," January Edition, 1011

How Modern Scofield/Darbyism Undermines The Important
Biblical Doctrine Of Justification By Faith Alone

The great tragedy of life is that we so often become victimized by those dynamics that we do not, or that we choose not, to understand.
For example, modern dispensational end-time Bible prophecy theorists tell us that non-Christian so-called racial Jews are God’s chosen people, and that God has some future post-rapture-of-the-church plan tucked way for them that we all must now accept as ”end-time Bible prophecy” –hence, implicit Christian doctrine.

Now what about this mentality that modern radical Jews do not need to be justified by faith in Jesus Christ alone, as do we Gentile Christians, in this present age? Is such a novel teaching really authentic Christian doctrine, or what?

Where is that plan to be found in Holy Scripture, friends, wherein so-called racial Jews are not required to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah and their personal Saviour in this present age, meaning NOW?

Friends, there is no such plan given in the Bible! That carnal human notion, rather, is false teaching that only serves to polarize and divide the churches.

And, as goes the Christian church, so goes the wider world as well. Now, please think logically more about this, if you can and will.

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