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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," March Edition, 2011

It's Absolutely Essential To Wake Folks Up

The contemporary American evangelical fundamentalist church-world is near totally fast asleep in the antinomian apostasy of the Scofield/Darbyite heresy, and is not in the least bit ready for the coming Great White Throne Day of Judgment that is nearly upon us. Of course, most so-called evangelical Christians no longer believe in the relevance of this Great White Throne Judgment Day, anyway. Instead, they have swallowed hook, line, and sinker, as it were, the Scofield/ Darbyite idea of their supposed removal in some fictional any moment pretrib rapture scenario.

Said theory is the unwritten gospel of confusion as far as most modern church goers are concerned. These folks (you–my friends and loved ones!) are so deceived over this unscriptural notion it is absolutely ridiculous. And yet, you stubbornly refuse to listen to the voice of reason and common sense that would call you to a more honest and open-minded handling of the Word of God, in order that you might actually prove from the Bible the exact opposite of what millions everywhere have now so naïvely assumed.

It would certainly not be worth us making enemies in fighting the Darbyites over their idiocy, if the end-game were not actually as close as it really is. But since the end really is just that close, friends, love for men's souls drives us to do everything within our power to wake the deceived masses up, even if that involves some verbal rough housing, as it were, in order to get though the thickly-caked mentality that hinders an explication of the truth about the soon coming UNSUSPECTED Day of Judgment.

The Darbyite heresy has inoculated the modern church against moral reality– if we can but notice! That is why most of the deceived souls who embrace this theory forsake Bible standards of holiness–if we can but notice this, too! Our sordid worldly compromisings has a name, and that name is called “antinomianism.” What we don’t get, friends, is what Daniel Steele had once so plainly, forcefully stated. In speaking of the modern, popular end-time Bible prophecy theory of dispensational teaching, Steele described it as “a substitute for holiness, or antinomianism revived.”

Was Daniel Steele right, or was he wrong? Who will ever know, who does not make any effort to study into this matter, and at least read his book? Even the Pharisees had to admit that it was not reasonable to judge a matter before one is willing investigate it first (Jn. 7:51).

We have investigated a little into this matter, friends, and we believe, with Daniel Steele, that modern dispensational teaching is indeed “a SUBSTITUTE for holiness,” and provides for a “revival” of antinomianism, which means "lawlessness," where ever it spreads! Wow--imagine that! In teaching Darbyism we have sown the seeds of ideological apostasy in our churches!

And yet, there is still great hope! Half the solution lies in knowing what the problem is. Once what causes a disease is known, the cure is usually much easier to find. The solution to the problem here is simple. What is needed now is to repent of our involvement in this grievous sin against God and against His truth.

No doubt some of you, who have been involved in promoting the false doctrines of Scofield/Darbyism, will ultimately see the light, and, in your own way, through the faithfulness of the Lord to your heart, do exactly that. Others, typically, will ignore this, and, if the Word of God be true, will no doubt go to hell over their sin against light.

But remember this. On the Day of Judgment we hope none will be able to point a bony finger at us and say, “Oh, my brother, you knew this, and you never told me.” No, friend, we have tried to tell the world of this for many years.

Start listening.

The stated goal of our ministry is to "create awareness." If that has happened we have done our job, and doing our job is all that is important to us. Ultimate outcomes we leave in the hands of the Lord.

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