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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," August 2008

Jesus Is Coming

The importance of this fact should now have precedence over all other considerations. Cares of life that now preoccupy us as Christians will have passed entirely into oblivion when the Lord comes for His own. Realism, then, must lead us to keep this simple focus ever in our view: Jesus is coming soon, and we should be looking, always, for that Blessed Hope.

Now, this affirmation, unfortunately, is a great stumbling-block to many of we moderns. On the one hand lies the temptation to deny the expectation; the tendency to distort it lurks, equally, on the other. Radical preterists and others would deny that Jesus is coming soon. Mental befuddlement shaves most of the rest of us off into agnosticism toward Bible prophecy.

The “before and after” aspects of Christ’s second coming is where all the modern dispensational premillennial theorists go astray. With “Jesus is coming soon” they may agree--just so long as the preceding “context” for that coming suits their preconceptual fancy. As long as they are raptured out before any ill-fated tribulation or judgment wrath befalls, then Jesus is coming soon, of course! But can Jesus really be coming soon without there being a “pre-” anything rapture first?

Here is where the page goes blank, and the lights all get turned out in nearly everybody’s head. It is inconceivable to most that the approach to the second coming of Jesus Christ (the “before” aspects of it) could be anything otherwise than what is touted in the variant manuals of the Left Behind.

Friends, the biblical approach to the second coming is not the context of the left behind mentality. Rather, major social and political dynamics that lead to the real second coming of Jesus Christ arise from a very different directional source!

Here is the core idea: Babylon must fall first, and we are Babylon! Such is the true Bible knowledge that both awakens and reforms.

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