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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Winter Edition 2007

Commitment To Existentialism Versus Commitment To Christ

The goal in modern liberal Christianity is to enlist folks in a commitment to existentialism as their guiding religious principle. In this version of the faith, nearly everything deemed spiritual is portrayed as being sentimental and subjective.

In liberal existentialism, there is no rugged righteousness involved, or stern denunciation of sin expressed. Instead, the indoctrination leads one to conclude that that is only "Christian," which is all accepting, and all tolerating.

A book of several years ago by the title of I'm OK, You're OK well expresses the sentiments of this liberal approach to Christianity. In this new form of old antinomianism it is no more about objective righteousness, it is about "fit in and feel goodiness" based on humanity's subjective sentimentalities and self-centered emotional experiences.

I am not that old, friends, but I can still remember a day when the church preached against modern liberal theology. Now we don't hear much being said about that subject. Is it because the old modernist/fundamentalist controversy is really over? Or is it, rather, because liberalism has won, and we don't want to incriminate ourselves?

The Bible says that after the power of the holy people has been scattered, the end will come (Dan. 12:7). It does not say God's people will be individually defeated, it says the unity of their power will broken apart. Existentialism is "another gospel" of deception that has done that to us!

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