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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Summer Edition 1998

Ready Is More Than A Cliche

A day of judgment is soon coming on America for its sin and wickedness. And it's coming suddenly and unexpectedly. To be "ready" for it means to be living a truly righteous life, walking in the fear of God, and keeping his commandments blamelessly.

Sabbath desecrators are not ready for it. Homosexuals, fornicators, and those living in adultery, i.e., married to another while their former spouse is still living--unless they have repented of their past sins, and been truly forgiven. The Bible does not endorse splitting up marriages for the sake of returning to a former spouse, who may also be remarried (Duet 24:4; Jer. 3:1). Rather, the gospel is the dividing line into a new life, wherein the past can not only be forgiven, but should hope to be forgotten, as well (II Cor. 5: 27; I Cor. 6:9-11). No one is a second class Christian because of any past sin, including divorce and remarriage, from the point of their conversion onward, and this fact should be recognized in all the churches. There is something wrong with those person's understanding of the gospel, who must place the remarriage of divorced person's in a special class of sin all by itself, above all other, that must besmirch forever the quality of any believer's spiritual life. God can and does forgive every sin, except blasphemy against the Holy Ghost

Those who have not made restitution for their thievery, those who use the Lord's name in vain, those who wear "abominable" clothing, those who have made money or sports their god, those who envy, those who hate,--you can read the rest of the catalogue of sins in the Holy Book--, there are all not ready for the Lord to come.

Being "ready" means more than having some imputation of Christ's righteousness fiction acceded to that only legitimizes sin. It means deliverance, Bible salvation, true holiness of heart and life.

Seen in this light, "being ready for the rapture" is more than a cliche--it really does mean something to be ready for Christ's second coming!

Our conscience tells us this, but sometimes we forget.

Are you really ready for the Judgment Day?

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