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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," April Edition, 2011

Sweet Joy Of Walking In The Light

I consider it a very great privilege, and a tribute of God’s love for me, to have discovered, many years ago now, “the truth of Christ’s return.” Like most people today I was schooled in the modern system of end-time Bible prophecy interpretation known as dispensational premillennialism, or Scofield/Darbyism. At the time, I had no idea of the major doctrinal heresies that were part and parcel of that mind set of ideology that I had been taught by the church-world I was part of, that I had personally fallen so hard for, and that I was so naïvely and so prejudicially steeped in.

Given this situation, it would have been very natural for me to have become an Antinomian. My dispensational learning was, as Daniel Steele once said, a “substitute for holiness, or antinomianism revived,” but I didn’t know that! I did not know that my Darbyism had put me on the polarizing skids to throwing Bible standards of holiness out the window and going worldly! Fortunately, I am still in the good old-fashioned Bible holiness way today because I resisted that subliminal polarizing influence.

Ultimately I discovered that my “return to Judaism” in my dispensationalism was my problem. In the meanwhile, however, I struggled to serve the Lord, I thought I was saved and sanctified, but I still had a lot of dark mentality issues that gave me fits in terms of my Christian joy and assurance. I simply did not realize that in embracing the doctrinal heresy of dispensational premillennialism I was fundamentally grieving the Holy Spirit, who did not bear witness to my deep-seated system of intellectual error.

Through the faithfulness of God, circumstances eventually worked to help me out of the quagmire of infatuation with the distinctions of Scofield/Darbyism. To be perfectly honest, it took me about ten years to get all the nuances of that idiocy finally worked out of my system. Looking back, I believe God had a purpose for it. Part of that purpose may be that since it took me so long to get over Darbyism, I can well afford to be patient with others who are still struggling as I once was. My experience made me learn not to write people off. Once they have that initial intellectual “break thru” I once did, they, too, will begin to change.

The key lies in getting over our preclusions and start having more of an interest and a desire to know the truth. Folks that lose a desire for the truth are in danger of backsliding. As we earnestly and honestly pursue the truth, however, God leads us to the light. Sweet joy of walking in the light!

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