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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," November 2008

The Biblical Order Of End-time Events: Sign 2

A big mistake we moderns make is to place the "signs" of Christ second coming only within the categories of the sensational, the speculative, and the superficial. We forget (or perhaps deliberately choose to ignore!) those practical aspects that the Bible tells us are also involved.

Part of the reason for this lies in the non-Wesleyan way that we are taught to interpret the prophetic Scripture.

For example, the eschatological teaching of II Thessalonians chapter two concerning the revelation of the man of lawlessness is universally seen by Darbyites as what happens during some future seven year great tribulation period, after the church is raptured.

This teaching is irresponsible foolish, friends, given the fact that II Thessalonians chapter two says nothing about the existence of any "seven year" future period with which to start. The Darbyite teaching here, then, must be viewed as mere ignorant fabrication based on the incessant attempt to read ideas derived from Sir Robert Anderson's misguided theory of interpreting Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks into the New Testament--a method of mishandling Scripture that scholars call "eisogesis"--that is, reading into the Bible text some preconceived idea, rather than reading out of a text what it actually (literally) says.

Within the preceding paragraph lies the most important statement you will ever read in terms of getting to the bottom of truth and reality regarding one's understanding of end-time Bible prophecy. If we can but grasp the implications of that one paragraph, friends, then we are well on our way toward intellectual deliverance from any prejudicial beholdance we might yet have to the distinctives of popular dispensationalism.

The dispensational scenario of the man of lawlessness (personal Antichrist) sitting in some rebuilt Jewish temple in the middle of some future seven year great tribulation period that comes after the church is raptured is totally delusional. The truth is that this text is talking prophetically, rather, about the effect of that very theory of Darbyite false teaching! It is talking about the man of lawlessness (antinomianism) sitting (being entrenched) in the temple (the church) of the last days!

What a sign for all to see!

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