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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," December 2008

The Biblical Order Of End-time Events: Sign 3

We have been doing a series of articles on signs of the soon return of Jesus Christ.

We have previously shown that antinomianism, or lawlessness in the church, is one of the most important of all the end-time signs. Antinomianism is seen in the church-world today by a breaking down of ethics and morality among professed Christians, which includes the wholesale flight from Bible standards of holiness in dress (see Duet. 22:5; I Cor. 11:14-15; I Tim. 2:9-10). Antinomian teachers typically insist that the maintenance of an objective Bible standard of holiness in dress is unsightly legalism. We would contend, however, that the equation of a Bible standard of holiness in dress with legalism is merely a misguided prejudice that has been created by a church-world that has accepted ideological antinomianism as its guiding religious principle.

Unfortunately, we find that the above fact is little understood today, even by a majority of those within the Conservative Holiness movement. Their (our) resistance to the worldly compromises of the mainline Protestant denominations of our time is, in all reality, friends, but a commendable effort to stave-off the inroads of antinomian apostasy that are now making moral and spiritual shipwreck of the whole work of God throughout our land today.

The modern Wesleyan Holiness movement will only shed itself of its ongoing attrition into antinomianism when it becomes willing and able to face up to, and rid itself of, the bad theology that underpins and encourages it. I'm talking very plainly, friends, about the dispensational system of doctrinal heresy that most of us in the modern Wesleyan Holiness movement have, over these past many years, unwittingly imbibed.

Those who still teach dispensational end-time Bible prophecy theory in our Bible schools, and from our evangelistic pulpits, are naively promoting antinomianism in our midst, and that is one very important cause for the great falling away from God and true Bible holiness that we are seeing everywhere about us in these last days.

Some will keep on wondering what went wrong long after others have woke up to know the truth. Please wake up.

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