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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," January 2009

The Biblical Order Of End-time Events: Sign 4

The liberal mindset would tell us that end-time Bible prophecy is irrelevant, and we should not waste time speculating about the future.

The dispensational mindset would tell us "just be ready," but what is implied within that mindset is the expectation of an any moment secret pretribulation rapture of the church--a theory that the Bible does not really teach in the first place.

Dispensationalists do not wish to face up to the reality that their commitment to an escapist world-view is based on false doctrine. The "just be ready" response, then, is only half the story. Being "ready" must mean more than merely trusting in Scofield/Darbyism's secret pre-tribulation rapture fable, as dispensational teachers would have us to believe. It means, rather, being a REAL Christian, which is only possible when we know and believe the truth (II Thess. 2:13).

Far from being the truth about what the Bible really teaches about the second coming of Jesus Christ, dispensationalism is, ironically rather, the handmaiden of modern liberal theology that delivers the Calvinistic so-called fundamentalist movement into the great apostasy foretold in II Thessalonians 2:3ff. The "man of lawlessness" revealed in this passage is antinomianism, or lawlessness, entrenched within the modern evangelical fundamentalists tradition under the auspices of its trans-generational embrace of dispensational theology--a theory that Daniel Steele once called "a substitute for holiness, or antinomianism revived."

Both the dispensational mindset and the liberal mindset are expressions of delusionalism in the church today. Both mindsets are totally blinded to the biblical signs of the true second coming of Jesus Christ.

The church is not going to be raptured out until Jesus comes in "the last day" (Jn. 6:40) and at "the last trump" sounding (I Cor. 15:52). So we should not count on being removed from any tribulation involved at the end of time. The world will descend into chaos as a result of the Christian movement's apostasy. The Zionists will be increasingly pitted against the anti-Zionists. Then the great earthquake will happen. The great earthquake, in turn, will tip the balance of power toward the anti-Zionists. The result will be the fall of Babylon. After that, Jesus will come.

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