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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," April Edition, 2011

The Exuberance Of Christ’s Resurrection

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, which we celebrate at Easter time each year, offers a joyous, living hope for all mankind. That resurrection event is the great “historical reality connector,” or logical/rational bridge, into present fellowship with the Living God. Without Jesus living now and defusing Himself to us through the messianic gift of the Holy Spirit the universal availability of salvation throughout the world today would be impossible.
The Christian gospel that we are commanded to take into all the world can be described as a message, a gift, and a power.

First the gospel is a MESSAGE–a story that must be told. The gospel story is a recital of historical facts concerning a person, the Lord Jesus Christ. Appropriate subject matter that revolves around the historical figure of Jesus Christ includes the New Testament revelations concerning His person, His work, His coming, and His kingdom.
Christ Himself engaged in that first work of gospel message proclamation. In His beginning role of Old Testament messianic fulfillment, known as “prophet,” He taught the way of acceptable righteousness and brought enduring peace–in a word, He explained what is the nature of true holiness in heart and life.
Righteousness, according to Jesus, included far more than a legalistic embrace of ceremonial externalities, as understood and practiced by the Scribes and Pharisees. Righteousness according to Jesus, rather, consists in loving submission of heart to the absolute kingship of God.

The accompanying evidence of this righteousness is for one to be forgiven of one’s sins, to be changed, and cleansed–an in-working of divine life subsequently working its way out to impact and to influence all that it touches. Jesus illustrated this righteousness through salvation as a well of water springing up from within of everlasting life; a shining light, set on a hill, and giving light to all that are in the countryside.

Furthermore, according to the gospel story, because Jesus Himself is God, absolute submission to God logically means also following Jesus, and becoming one of His disciples. In Jesus’ concept of evangelism everything is reduced to the one simple activity of coming to Him, and of following Him. In lovingly submission of heart to Him we are, in effect, lovingly submitting to the absolute kingship of Almighty God.
Allegiance to Jesus thus becomes the Christian’s righteousness. The Christian gospel message is most fundamentally this very basic, simple outlay of the righteousness of faith alone, the peace of love supreme, and the joy of hope undimmed. In His prophetic role Christ taught it; in His priestly work He bought it; and, by His present state, as resurrected King, He now effects it (wrought it).

Faith, hope, and love. Righteousness, and peace and joy. The GIFT of the kingdom come with POWER! Because He lives! Rejoice!
Underlying the constant availability of Jesus as Lord and Saviour to the masses of every clime and time has been the fact of His bodily resurrection from the dead. To all who embrace the exuberant message of it, salvation’s gift and power follow.

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