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Originally prepared for "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Oct/Nov Edition, 2010

The Moral Hypocrisy Of The American Religious Right Exposed

It seems so ironic to us that the so-called “religious right” movement in America today becomes so concerned and gets so worked up over the political direction that our nation is heading, yet at the same time seems so unwilling and unable to address the real underlying philosophical and ideological issues that we, as an evangelical Christian movement, face in our world today, namely the need for all professed Christians to be holy in heart and life, and to live godly in Christ Jesus.

For example, the religious right gets all worked up over the political football of abortion whenever national election time rolls around. Certain political parties and candidates are excluded up-front and out of hand over this single issue focus.

Abortion is a personal sin for the people who are involved in in it, there is no question about that! Theological traditions that take sin seriously and that teach the true Bible remedy for the human sin problem certainly can make their case against this, and all other forms of sin, strongly and consistently from the pulpit.

Namby-pamby “antinomian” preachers, who don’t preach against any form of sin, or who don’t believe and teach the true biblical way of salvation, are part of the reason for the outbreak of immorality among the masses that makes abortion such a problem among us in the first place.

But an unborn innocent human being has been killed, you say, and we have to do something about that!

Yes, it is true that an innocent human being has been killed in an abortion, but does God not know about that, too? After all, who is the real creator and giver of all human life in the first place, us or God?
God allows people free moral agency, friends, and for that very reason, so must we, whether we like to think about it that way or not.

Let‘s first examine our own hearts and lives, and then deal with this searching question in relation to the abortion issue: what is the REAL reason for our urge to control other peoples’ lives? Do we have a selfish or partisan agenda? Holiness starts at home, friends, and until we are personally willing and able to deal with our own need to live godly in Christ Jesus, and to teach our familes to do so, too, there is little hope for any broad-based societal reform.

Please think about is, if you will, in the context of Wesleyan-Arminian theology, with its distinguishing emphasis on a universal atonement, free moral agency, and full salvation. Philosophical background presuppositions really do make a difference, both in our understanding of the gospel, and in our response to moral problems. Calvinism, logically speaking, polarizes to either antinomianism or universalism. True Bible holiness, by contrast, both harmonizes and heals

And by the way, wars kill innocent people, too! So who stands up for the innocents killed by Western warmongering in the Middle East? Certainly not the religious right, which is all consumed by its heretical dispensational dogmatism that non-Christian racial Jews are God’s chosen people and therefore the Zionist State of Israel can do no wrong, no matter what injustices actually transpire.

It’s amazing that so many professed conservative Christians take as gospel truth everything that political right wing talking heads on Fox News say, even those these double agents are more Zionists than they are real Christians. Talk abut mass end-time delusionalism in American idol empire, Zionist controled “Babylon,” about to fall.

God first deceives those whom He would afterward destroy. Please think about it, and walk throught the fire to get woke up.

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