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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Fall Edition 1997

Th Purpose For Christ's Second Coming

    Wesleyan fundamentalists believe that the purpose for Christ's second coming is NOT to set up an earthly kingdom of old covenant description for racial Jews, but rather to resurrect and judge all men on the basis of that one standard of true righteousness already fully revealed in the Christian gospel.
    Where is the proverbial "setting up"  terminology of modern dispensational premillennialism used in the New Testament for anything relating to Christ's second coming? The New Testament does not say a word about Christ "setting up" anything when He returns! What it does say that He most certainly will do when He returns, however, is to "deliver up" His messianic kingdom of redemption that was long ago "set up" (I Cor. 23:26).
    In a nutshell, Wesleyan fundamentalists believe in: (1) a general resurrection of the dead; and, (2) the universal judgment of all mankind, based on the revealed gospel standard of true holiness in heart and life. Such was John Wesley's doctrine of the second coming, and, we can be sure, the doctrine, also, of the Holy Bible.
    The posttribulational amillennial eschatology of true Wesleyan fundamentalism is a simple, satisfying scheme, if we moderns are but able to jettison the excess baggage of fantasy and fabrication that a great revival of "Jewish fables" during the religious upheavals of the nineteenth century has succeeded in heaping upon the Western churches.
    The old amillennial Protestant reformers saw "Babylon" in the degenerate Western Christendom of their day. And one can only wonder now, if, in the Judeo-Christian West, where the false teachings of dispensational premillennialism have so prevailed as to have turned the true biblical religion of the Christ into a  virtual "Babylon" of ideological chaos and confusion, the times have really changed!

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