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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring Edition 1999

The Radical Shape Of Things To Come

    The true biblical end-time will materialize much differently than what most of us, in our Darbyism, have been false-programmed to imagine. For one thing there will be no seven year, or even three-and-a-half year "time-frame" around which to structure end-time events with which to start--the actual time involved in the final wrap-up will be much shorter than that.
    The next important thing is what happens first, or is placed "up-front," as the opening event in the Day of the Lord. Darbyites imagine that this "up-front" or opening event will be a secret removal of the church in some pretribulation rapture, but they are very hard-pressed to prove Edward Irving and John Nelson Darby's any moment secret pretribulation rapture theory from the Scripture.
    The Bible does not teach a hodge-podge of future resurrection and future judgment events, it teaches a single, unitary resurrection of the dead that issues in the universal judgment of all mankind that happens at Christ's second coming. What happens before this, however, is a massive social judgment of wickedness on earth--something comparable in magnitude and effect to the flood that happened in Noah's day. The book of Revelation pictures this judgment crisis as the fall of the harlot/city Babylon.

    Now because this comes as disquieting "strange news" to so many of us who have been so heavily influenced by the long-standing false teachings of Darbyism, let me repeat: what happens up-front in the true biblical end-time is not some secret rapture, but the sudden and unexpected massive, fiery destruction of the Roman Babylon. We believe that the overspreading of "antinomianism" within the popular evangelical form of Christianity in America today is helping to turn this nation into that very (Roman) Babylon destined to be destroyed by massive fire-power  at the true biblical end-time.

    Now some foolishly imagine that all the worldly Christians in America are "going up" in some coming secret rapture of the church, but friends, the moral figures just don't add up. If 1/3 of the American people are truly "born again" Christians where is their moral influence and impact upon the society around them? Why such blatant moral perversion at all levels of society today, if one of every three adult Americans is a so-called "born again" Christian?  How can over half of all marriages in American today be ending in divorce, it that were truly the case? Do all these people really understand what it means to be biblically "born again?" If they do, than why do so many live such worldly lives that are non-transformed in the direction of righteousness and true holiness?

    Friends, the absolute truth of the matter is that the vast majority of worldly-minded and worldly-living American professed evangelical Christians today are "antinomians," and antinomians are not going anywhere but to certain death and certain judgment. Too many of us have too long sat idly by on the evacuation loading platform waiting for Jesus to get us out of this earthly mess via some fantasizing secret rapture, while the society around us has gone to the dregs. We  have not believed in our professed cause, nor have we assumed the social responsibility that is incumbent upon us in the gospel of the true and living Christ.

    Dear friends, we are all spiritually and morally asleep! Lord, somehow help the true holiness people of this land wake up, and begin to lead the way in repentance, revival, renewal, and reform before it's too late! Judgment must begin at the house of God. And if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel? (I Pet. 4:17).

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