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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Fall Edition 1995

What If I Miss The Rapture?

Most of us have been programmed by Darbyism to think that some of us may miss the secret rapture. So we have developed a "second chance" mentality. Now many sinner folk know, deep down, that they are not right with God today, yet they console themselves with the "knowledge" of what they'll have to go through, what they'll have to do, after the Church is raptured.

Nice fable, as all good fables go, but cold-blooded reality is this: when the real "end-time" comes there will be no "second chances"—for anyone! No one is going to "miss" the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! All of us will be there, "with bells on," as the saying goes, to give account of all our words and deeds.

    Put no stock in missing the secret rapture, for there is no split-off rapture to be missed, and no second chance thereafter one may take. Hopes pinned on "pre-," or even so-called "mid-," trib rapture fairytales are sure to derail and disappoint. The only sane, safe course to follow is to mind God fully in the here and now. If we do that, we'll be ready for the Second Coming, and all that happens in between.

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