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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Summer 1991, Spring, 1998

What Is Wesleyan Bible Prophecy?

None are more ardent in their longing for the return of Jesus Christ than those who love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and their neighbor as themselves. Thus, over the years, the Wesleyan Movement, with its strong emphasis on full salvation free for all, heart purity and perfect love, victory over sin complete, has also placed great emphasis on the relevance of Christ's second coming, both in its doctrine, and in it's devotional practice.

    Modern ideas about the second coming of Jesus Christ have changed greatly since John Wesley preached his memorial sermon on "The Great Assize." Few seem to understand the scope and significance of these subtle changes. In light of this concern, then, the purpose of Wesleyan Bible Prophecy ministries is  twofold:

    First, our purpose is to help our friends in the Wesleyan  Holiness Movement see through the biblical and theological fallacies contained in the modern, popular dispensational premillennial system of teaching on salvation history and the end-time (also referred to throughout this web site as "Scofield/Darbyism"). That these fallacies are real and substantial has long been apparent to Wesleyan scholarship, though for many laymen in the movement an introduction to them becomes a disquieting issue of basic conscious-raising.

Second, arising from the conviction that dispensationalism is a subtle system of antinomian heresy, that, wherever accepted in Wesleyan circles leads to the demise of both the theology and experience of Bible holiness, we seek earnestly to reach as many as we can with a Wesleyan-Arminian-consistent, alternative version of our Lord's return.

    That latter objective presupposes these considerations: (1) that such an alternative understanding of the second coming does in fact exist in Scripture; (2) that such an understanding is the natural, reasonable, literal, and intended meaning of Scripture; (3) that the vast majority of moderns, both inside and outside of the Wesleyan tradition today are ignorant of this true teaching of the Bible; and, (4) that it is our Christian duty to raise the consciousness of this generation to the teaching of the Bible, and to do so both in the spirit and after the example of John Wesley:  "What I know, I teach."

Wesleyan Bible Prophecy is a dynamic new "reformation movement" God is raising up to teach His people the truth of Christ's soon glorious return. Wesleyan Bible Prophecy assumes that much of the Wesleyan Holiness movement today is deceived by the doctrinal heresies of Darbyism, or the dispensational premillennial theory, which, it is affirmed, is largely  responsible for polarizing the movement along the lines of debilitating "legalistic" versus "antinomian" (lawlessness) concerns.

Dispensational ideology deflates the dynamic inherent in John Wesley's understanding of Christian theology: first, by obliterating his vision for total world renewal through the power of the Cross; and second, by robbing Christianity of its essential "messianic content" that positively affirms the central New Testament teaching of the present Lordship of Jesus Christ, with all the potential that Lordship has for effecting full salvation in the believer here and now.

Popular dispensationalism is First Century religious Judaism in modern dress, the theology of antinomians, and the cause for much of the "falling away" into the false values of materialism and secular worldliness, which we now see sweeping the American evangelical church-world at every turn.

Wesleyan Bible Prophecy believes that the gospel of Jesus Christ is essentially positive, that Jesus reigns now, and that supernatural current remains in place for effecting the greatest Holiness revival this world has ever known. All that's needed is for God's people to learn how, once again, to plug into it.

Wesleyan Bible Prophecy has arisen, and exists, in response to the need to help the modern Wesleyan Holiness movement get over its widespread entrenchment in disruptive and destructive dispensational ideology. Please pray earnestly for the success of our endeavors.

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