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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Aug/Sept Edition 2010

What Wesleyan Scholars Say About Dispensationalism

There may be some who claim to be premillennialists that are not dispensationalists, but all dispensationalists, in the modern classic sense, are necessarily premillennialists as well. Thus, many of the same arguments can be applied with equal force agains both systems of teaching. In the final analyis, these stand or fall together over the critical issue that the following quotation highlights:

“The Premillennialist necessarily takes the ground that the Gospel is inadequate to subdue the world to Christ; that it was not ordained to that end . . . . This, of course, disputes the finality of the dispensation of the Spirit, and dampens the ardor of all expectation that the existing agencies in the Church are to succeed in pulling down the strong holds of sin. In spite of all profession to the contrary, it discourages zeal in the missionary cause and in all efforts to build up the Church beyond the limits of the present Christian civilization.” (Quoted from Stephen Merril, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as recorded in Vic Reasoner’s book “The Hope of the Gospel: An Introduction to Wesleyan Eschatology,” p. 284.

To read more quotations from Wesleyan-Arminian scholars on the Scofield/Darby question please go to the Quotations section of this website.

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