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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Fall Edition 2006

What Will Save America?

Only a "revival" of true biblical Christianity can save America from coming destruction. This is not likely to happen anytime soon, however, unless the foundation for it can first be laid through major ideological reform.

The reason why ideological reform must take place first, friends, before true revival can happen, is because every attempt now to promote revival gets sidetracked, subverted, and bogged-down by the liberal approach to the Christian religion called "existentialism."

The term existentialism comes from the word "experience." It says that the essence of religion is to be found only in experiences: that is, we interpret Christianity by our experience of it, rather then interpreting Christianity by the objective written Word of God, rationally interpreted.

This is like getting the cart in front of the horse. True biblical Christianity does indeed produce the experience of being forgiven of sins and of being made holy in heart and life, but we don't get this by making the search for an "experience" an end in itself.

Too much subjectivity is involved in existentialism, and not enough reliance on the authority of the objective written Word of God. For example, the Bible says we are made "free from sin" by an obedience from the heart to a "form of doctrine" delivered unto us (Rom. 6:17). Obviously, doctrine is very important in obtaining scriptural salvation. Modern existentialists, by contrast, generally pay little attention to orthodox Christian doctrine. They are far more interested in "feeling" something emotionally, rather than "knowing " something in their hearts. Jesus did not place "having an experience" as the qualification for obtaining a Christian foundation in one's life. Rather, He said that such a foundation could only be obtained by "hearing and doing" His words (Matt. 7:24-27).

It is a fact that all world religions, as well as pseudo-Christian cults of false doctrine, provide "experiences" to their devotees. How otherwise could such religious systems retain the huge numbers of followers that they do? Liberal theology, too, bases religion on human experience. Christ and His apostles, however, had a "doctrine" that was to be taken to the world.

Now study the use of the word "doctrine" in the New Testament. Then look up the word "feeling" in a concordance. What you will find is that the emphasis of the New Testament is not on feelings at all! Rather, there is an objective focus,--an "ideology," if you will,--not on us and our feelings, but on God and His truth.

Friends, it is not about us being in an emotional gestalt of some kind, or of having some kind of goose-bump experience at the public altar of prayer. It is rather about our commitment to absolute truth--foremost the truths in the Bible concerning Jesus Christ, all of which can be rationally known.

Modern existential (liberal) Christianity cannot save America. Another "no preaching service" is not needed. What is needed is for preachers to tell the truth about the revelation of God. If they can't, or won't, do that, then they should shut up and sit down, for they are not true Christian preachers at all, and pretenses will get us nowhere. Amen?

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