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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," December Edition 2008

Where Are We Headed?

We are headed for the destruction of the Zionist-controlled “Babylon” American Empire, unless God intervenes by granting His church a greater interest in promoting genuine spiritual renewal.

I am not talking here about the modern liberal concept of so-called revival, friends, in which every-thing centers about subjectivism, and our glorifying of the humanistic concept of pseudo-Christianity called existentialism.

What we need, rather, is a paradigm shift, as it were, whereby our locked-down status-quo mentality gets block-busted to the point where we begin to understand that absolute truth is the only thing that really matters, and is the only means that can save, both our own souls, and our nation, from coming destruction. Will we get woke up in time to avoid Armageddon (i.e., the fall of us as Babylon) in the very near future?

We have not yet gotten to that point of ideological awakening, friends, and so continue to remain susceptible to the bedeviling of our society by its current systems of satanic delusion.

Those delusional systems are these in this order: (1) religious antinomianism throughout the general public; (2) philosophical Zionism, which now controls the upper levels of most western governments, dictating by means of its media monopoly what is political correctness; (3) public absorption in an American militaristic/nationalistic world view based on egocentricity that fails to understand reality in terms of the predictability of fallen human nature; and (4), failure to learn from the past mistakes of world history.

At the end of time the ten horns will hate the great whore Babylon and burn her with fire (Rev. 17:16-17). The Zionist plan for world domination (underpinned religiously by the right-wing fundamentalist Scofield/Darby delusion) is doomed; the tables will be turned; and the trapped destroyed. It’s time to wake up!

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