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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," September Edition 2007

Where John Wesley's Understanding Of Eschatology Will Take Us

If we today truly believed what John Wesley must have believed about end-time Bible prophecy by the way that he interpreted Scripture, then it would take us in the following direction.

First, it would take us out of enamoration with some future “seven year“ great tribulation end-time “time frame” scenario as the basis for organizing, structuring, and harmonizing all the details of end-time Bible prophecy with which to start.

Second, it would wean us away from enamoration with any secret pretribulation rapture escapism euphoria.

Third, it would cause us to stop postponing Christ’s kingdom, and be done with any post-second coming Jewish millennial reign type thinking.

Fourth, it would lead us to understand Christ’s messianic kingdom as redemption from sin to true holiness in heart and life.

Finally--since, in spite of what modern liberals say, ideas do profoundly influence behavior--it would not be long before apostasy would cease, and we would be having a great revival in our circles. All this, and more, if we truly understood and experienced John Wesley’s eschatology.

Know it or not, and like it or not, friends, it’s the entrenched crazy ideas of Darbyism that are now giving the modern Wesleyan Holiness movement its fits. May God open our eyes.

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