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Unpublished Article August 2010

Why Millions Don't Believe In The General Resurrection Of The Dead

Maybe you do believe that the dead will be raised for judgment, all at once, in the last day, at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I sincerely hope you do believe this fundamental doctrine of the Bible. Millions of modern professed Christians don’t.

A trans-generational slew of teachers, preachers, and evangelists throughout the Wesleyan Holiness movement has been trained in the hyper-Calvinistic antinomian end-time Bible prophecy theory of dispensational premillennialism. The debacle happened in some erstwhile Bible school classroom, or under the auspices of some erstwhile ministerial study course agency, somewhere back in the day.

Now, an “army of grubbers” (to use Dr. Daniel Steele’s phrase in warning to the Holiness movement of one hundred years ago) is needed to clean up the moral and spiritual mess that has been occasioned by our involvement in Darbyism.

We have said it before, and we will say it again: “The true hope of the world lies in the training of a new generation of Christian leaders in more adequate biblical theology.” This is not the work of a moment; it is the work of a life-time. Wesleyan Bible Prophecy is committed to making “clean-up” happen.

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