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What Some Friends Have Said

Since the inception of our publication ministry in 1989 we have gotten many responses, both positive and negative. We appreciate the good number of friends gentlemenwho have given us great encouragement in this difficult work of confronting the entrenched mind set fallacies of popular Scofield / Darbyism. Here are a few of those positive remarks. Please note that the full names of these individuals are being withheld in order to respect confidentiality.


"Appreciate the good work you are doing--a long-needed antidote to the wishful misguided thinking of dispensational Darbyism. . . . It is significant that when Darby advanced his dispensational theories some of his contemporaries such as George Muller, Benjamin Warfield, and others rejected them as unscriptural. . . . But they are pleasing doctrines to the Calvinist mind set." LJ


"I was delighted some time ago to receive the copy of The Lord's Coming Herald focusing on Daniel 9:27 and the problem of the seventieth week. I have been concerned about the pervasiveness of dispensationalist thought in the evangelical church. It is high time we move away from this non-biblical thinking and move back to our historical reformation roots. I believe it would be well if we Wesleyans would be on the cutting edge of this revival truth." RG


"I do appreciate your paper and am more and more coming to agree with it. The dispensational view as apostasy makes a lot of sense. The pre trib idea has been nonsense to me for many years. This check will be a little help." HL


"Thank you for your ministry to us through "The Lord's Coming Herald." It has been encouraging. Please continue my subscription Before receiving you material I was beginning to feel I was the only one around here who didn't agree with the "popular" views of rapture, 2nd coming, etc. May God bless you! Our prayers on your behalf are being prayed daily." DL


"Just a word of thanks for the good work you are doing in offsetting at least some of the tremendous negative influence of the millennial dispensation scheme of eschatology on the holiness movement. A lot remains to done." LNJ


"I appreciate your Herald so much I wish it was monthly. I read it through the moment it's received. Thank you for helping me get my eyes open to the truth. Here is my support. I don't want to miss a thing." PJ


"I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from your work over the years. . . . Thank you for your work to rescue us from Darbyism. I have many folks in our Wesleyan Church who are from a Baptist background and are steeped in 'Left Behind' theology, and now, 'Blood Moons.' Must find a way to bring them around to scriptural and historical faith." KC


"I enjoy your periodical and appreciate the bold stand you have taken. I have a hunch you are not Mr. Popularity due to this stance. I doubt if one in 100 have read the book by Daniel Steele that you mention, and it IS a classic. Makes you want to cry. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. There are many of us who appreciate what you are doing." KB


"I have been fed the usual dispensational diet but I have had big questions and decided reservations about the interpretation. I am an old man but not to old to think a little and not to old to change from pet theories if convinced otherwise." BC


"Please send me a copy of the Great Tribulation in Daniel. Here is two more dollars for the expenses of this letter. May God bless you in the old fashioned way. We are praying for you." FM


"I am thankful for the insight into the Word of God that I have received as a result of the Advocate." DD


"I have only seen one issue of your paper, but I believe you are on to something. Please add me to your mailing list." VR


"You have introduced some things that make real sense. . . . I don't go along with the teaching we have had regarding the second coming and the end times that we have been taught. What you are introducing makes much more sense." PS


"Your emphasis on a Wesleyan emphasis is well taken . . . . I have had all I can stand of holiness people preaching the dispensationalism of the Calvinists! Thank you so much for a breath of fresh air." TC


"Thank you for the much-needed and commendable work you are doing regarding a true Wesleyan-Arminian presentation of Eschatology. The teachings of dispensationalism have so captured the imaginations of so many conservative Wesleyan believers that they do not comprehend or understand what has happened. . . . You have made a remarkable contribution to our Wesleyan theology." PB


"I thought the last paper you sent was the most thought-provoking, heavenward pulling, kingdom glorifying paper of all. . . . Keep pounding the shovel. . . Jesus is preparing His Bride in splendid adornment of holiness and power." DN


"It is always interesting to us in the 80 year old bracket to read your publication about the Second Coming. We really believe what you are doing in Rapture Revival Ministries is important and has a wide ministry to today's Christians. May the Lord bless your ministry. We've wondered for years if many Protestants were really 'mixed up" about end-times prophecy." CD


"Your newsletter comes at an important time for me, for I have been tempted to give up on following what Scripture teaches to "go with the flow" of "pop" dispensational eschatology. So I have been neglecting important eschatological doctrine in my ministry. Please find enclosed $5.00 for a subscription. Would back issues for the last year also be available as I have missed some?" RG


"Thank you so much for your newsletter . . . as well as the three books on prophecy that you sent. I really appreciate your commitment to get these books out to those in the ministry." DR


"Thank you, and keep encouraged in the Lord. Really appreciate your work in eschatology. I was so glad to run into your work as I have studied for years on my own and preached on the very lines you have taken although you have put it down so much clearer for me" LK


"My pastor recently loaned me a copy of your very fascinating booklet THE VAST END-TIME CONSPIRACY. As I read I was heartened to realize that there are other Christians in this country who think as I do. . . . May the Lord continue to bless you and the Rapture Revival Ministries in what you are doing to help the Christian world learn what the Bible really teaches about the return of our Lord." RB


"I was given a copy of your VAST END-TIME CONSPIRACY and was excited to find an intelligent and intelligible exposition of post-trib a-millennialism. How can I order extra copies of your books?" DY


"Appreciate very much your books. Keep up the good work refuting the popular version and view of eschatology in these last days." LK>


"Thanks for truth and consistency in your articles. Always a joy to read" AC


"I read your materials with interest and profit" HES


"You are a voice of truth. Keep going." GC


"I am thrilled with your ministry. I read and reread all of your material. May the Lord bless you and your staff." LS


"Thank you for your work and passion to bring the church back to a Wesleyan view of Bible prophecy" MF

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