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The Shape Of End-time Events

Dispensationalists claim than an any-moment secret pre rapture of the Church is the first thing to happen in the coming end-time scenario. We show in this web site, however, that the basic underlying central idea---the organizaional catalyst if you will--that ties everything together for the dispensationalist is the future seven years. But if this "time frame" structural idea for the so-called "tribulation period" is wrong, and does not exist at all except in the fruitful imaginations of modern dispensationalists, then doesn't that fact become a real game changer?

Nowhere does the New Testament ever once mention the existence of any future seven year period of time. Dispensationalists derive this idea solely from Sir Robert Anderson's misguided theory of interpreting Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, and a possible reference to Ezekiel 39:9. With this as our given, then, what is the true shape---the reoriented and reorganized "context"--of coming end-time events? The following articles posted in our newsletter over the past twenty-five years should help you get the basic picture.

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