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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," January, 2008

A Needed Paradigm Shift

It is very important for people to “wake up” to the delusional nature of popular dispensational premillennial end-time Bible prophecy teachings, based on Sir Robert Anderson’s theory of interpreting Daniel’s prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, as explained throughout this website.

We invite all skeptics to please read our books, now available from the products menu of this website, for a systematic no-nonsense logical debunking of the mentality that underlies the whole Darbyite system of ideological error.

What is needed today is the emergence of a populist “paradigm shift,” in which peoples’ worldview mentalities can be restructured along lines that are more germane to factual New Testament teaching, and more in harmony with contemporary historical realities. Here is a simplistic word picture of how that worldview mentality restructuring might happen.

The first half of the seventieth week was fulfilled in the public ministry of Christ two thousand years ago. The seventieth week is not about a future tribulation on the Jews, it is about the establishment and outworking of the new covenant Christian dispensation. So forget the idiocy of some coming Roman Antichrist making and breaking a peace deal with the Jews during some future seven years--that’s pure fiction--it isn’t going to happen. What happens in connection with the cry for peace and safety, rather, is the coming of ”sudden destruction.”

This is an entirely different worldview mentality than the current popular Darbyite conception that underlies much of the American “religious right,” which, in turn, is in strong support of current American empire warmongering escapades. Friends, there is no authentic ”war on terror” in the first place! That whole notion is simply a conspiratorial fabrication. “9-11” (which everyone appeals to) was a self-inflicted wound by the conspirators within our own system, deliberately calculated to get the Darbyite-deceived religious right public “onboard,” as it were, in helping to reshape past American Republic as future Empire Babylon!

So what is the outcome of this restructuring, this paradigm shift? The outcome is to see in Bible prophecy sudden and unexpected judgment coming upon American, and the world, for sin and wickedness! According to Revelation 17:16-18, Babylon will be momentarily destroyed by the disenfranchised powers that hate her. This scenario is very relevant in light of the increasing animosity of much of the world now being directed against us because of our perceived hypocrisy, especially in matters of foreign policy.

Once we understand this we cannot go on in status quoism. Knowledge motivates.

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