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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring Edition 2004

A Quagmire Leading To Armageddon: We See It Coming

Some of us have long opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq because we understand the futility of one society attempting to superimpose its value system upon another society by force of arms. This is certainly not what Jesus taught.

Nor do we buy into the notion that Iraq was any kind of imminent military threat to the United States or its allies. Nor do we believe the propaganda that bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people was the Bush Administration's true intention. What our leaders want is a puppet government in Iraq that will allow the United States to further exploit the oil wealth of the Middle East.

In former years this phenomenon was called "colonialism" and "imperialism." Nothing has changed except the name of the empire that is engaging in this age-old human tendency to dominate one's fellowman.

We at once accept 9/11 as a judgment on our nation for its sin and wickedness, with the proper response to it needing to have been one of self-examination, humility, and repentance. (Plus making a more thorough investigation of what might actually have happened at that time!) Instead, wounded nationalistic pride lashed out in a predictiability non-Christian response, as antinomian American Christianity joined hands with the radical neo-fascist ideology of "might makes right," via the link of the conservative right talking heads led by Rush Limbaugh.

Anti-Christian perspectives of radically liberal Jewish theologians, who, in reacting to the Holocaust, maintain that the the Jews can only survive by the display of human power, are further blinding the nominally Christian population of America to biblical truth. Both left and right wings outlooks that we have just described are molded on the same philosophy of self-righteousness, which invariably must lead to incessant human conflict and ultimate mutually-assured self-destruction. Underlying all of this lies a faulty concept of the nature of mankind, as fallen in sin.

None of the above worldly philosophy has any place for Jesus Christ, or His doctrine of the kingdom. At variance with Jesus' own "Arminian" doctrines of God, man, and salvation, is the fact that most modern evangelical-fundamentalist Christians in America today have accepted the Calvinist-based false teachings of Scofield/Darbyism, with its underlying ideological premise that God must first destroy the world at Armageddon before world peace can come to pass in some post-second coming Jewish millennial reign.

The unprecedented influence of the Calvinist-based religious/political philosophy of Scofield/Darbyism on American social outlook today we fear to be creating a hugh spectacle of self-fulfilling prophecy. Under its auspices the increasingly polarized left and right wing elements of the American political spectrum are actually joining hands in support of a an agenda that, at bottom line, is fundamentally anti-Christian--by that we mean a society driven by self-righteous interest that are willing to completely shaft the true spiritual kingdom of Jesus Christ--which is experiential Christianity or "holiness in heart and life."

A contemporary American society desperately polarized over issues of left and right needs the harmonizing influence of the truth of Scriptural holiness now, as never before. Some of us old foggies contend that without a great revival of its healing power the fall of Babylon, the day of judgment--of self-fulfilling prophecy Scofield/Darbyite style--is surely coming.

The quagmire is philosophical. The way out: a Christian philosophy applied. You don't get that by listening to Rush Limbaugh. The great Methodist theologians of the past, I believe, can certainly help us here.

If you didn't want to think, then why have you read this article? Go ponder.

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