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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring - Fall 2005

Babylon Is About To Fall

Part I: Spring Edition 2005

    We teach that the United States of America is heading in the wrong direction, and, in the process of so doing, she is slowly being transformed into the "Babylon" of the Apocalypse that will be destroyed by massive fire-power at the biblical end-time.

    In what way are we headed in the wrong direction? Here is the first of three major ways:

    1. We are becoming an increasingly IMMORAL society. Many of us who were raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition have slowly gotten used to a rising tide of public immorality to the extent that nothing now is really shocking. What would have made grandfather turn over in his grave will now scarcely phase us. How many of us (yes, I mean you and me!) are living in adultery? How many of our very own kids are secret or known fornicators? And what about our grandkids? How many of them are committed to a biblical Christian standard of true holiness in heart and life? Look no further. It is an indisputable fact: we are largely a heathen society that is in desperate need of spiritual and moral reform.

    "Babylon the Great" is the great moral corrupter (Rev. 17:4; 18:3, 9). Hollywood movies and music have for decades now been "corrupting the earth with fornication" (Rev. 19:2). Abortion, homosexuality, and same-sex marriage are the most recent glaring symbols of our public degeneracy. Behind these scenes are untold millions of lives that are wrecked by the bitterness and brokenness of divorce, substance abuse, spouse abuse, child abuse, and all manner of relational and personal strife.

    Dealing with "social problems" is the # 1 item on the agenda of public educational efforts to improve our world. The condition is a sordid morass of human chaos that flows from the fountain head of personal sin, and the need for true redemption. Underlying it all lies the degeneration of religion via the triumph of antinomianism in the modern American evangelical church-world today. Yes, "antinomian revived" is gradually, almost imperceptibly, turning these United States of America into "Babylon." Lay it to heart, know, and beware!

                                           Part II: Summer Edition 2005

We teach that the United States of America is heading in the wrong direction, and, in the process of so doing, she is slowly being transformed into the "Babylon" of the Apocalypse that will be destroyed by massive fire-power at the biblical end-time. Last edition we looked at the first of three major ways in which our society is becoming Babylon. The first was the rising tide of public immorality, under-girded, sadly, by the morally apostate condition of the popular (Christian?) religion in our land today. Now here is the second way we are shaping up to become Babylon.

    2. We are becoming an increasingly MATERIALISTIC society. The Babylon of the Apocalypse is noted for its involvement in commerce and gross materialism. Read Revelation chapter eighteen, and see the material affluence of the society described. Here is truly a great empire that has its act together in the economic sphere. "The merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies" (verse 3). Great and mighty Babylon glorifies herself and lives deliciously right up until the very end (verse 7). Friend, there is no slack in her pace. All systems are "go" right up until the moment that her judgment falls, and "so great riches is come to naught" (verse 17).

    We believe that the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, was a miniature enactment of the fall of Babylon~-a preview of much greater things to come. And did we learn the lesson from it? Was there repentance and reform? Or was there only a lashing out in wounded pride and self-righteousness at the collapse of the symbols of our soul-love? Did 9/11 find too many in a "response box" of their own making—based on our society's selfish materialistic value system--our cardinal sins of pride and self-righteousness—without the capacity to discern the hand of God, that, in mercy, calls us to turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves, and seek the Lord?

    Babylon does not repent, she is destroyed. We are not Babylon, dear friends,—at least not yet!—, for we can still repent! Our collective religious inability to sense our need to do so, is, to us, a sign most worrisome.

                                                Part III: Fall Edition 2005

    This is the third article in a three-part series concerning how the United States of America is shaping up to become the "Babylon" of the Apocalypse, destined to be destroyed by massive fire-power at the biblical end-time.

    The first thing we noted was our rising tide of public immorality, under-girded by the great falling away, or antinomian apostasy, of the so-called Christian churches of our land today. Religion is leading society morally down the tube, and until religion changes there is little hope for societal renewal in the direction of moral and social righteousness. Antinomianism in religion produces antinomianism in society, friends, and until the American church-world gets out of its current antinomian apostasy, the society will continue its morally downward spiral.

    Secondly, we noted gross materialism as an important factor in our society's becoming Babylon. A church-world "rich and increased with goods" thinks she lacks nothing, but the Lord looks thorough the thin veneer of her religious sham and declares her lost and without the kingdom (Rev. 2:14-22).

    3. Pride and self-righteousness, which we touched upon last time, is the third issue. These qualities, in the religious aspect of them, root in theology. They root in antinomian ideology, or what we call "election without obedience thinking." Such antinomian ideology (seen in the "once saved always saved" dogma of popular American evangelical Christianity today) was the obsession of ancient Israel that led to her destruction, both in 586 B.C., and in A.D. 70.

    Ideologies drive history and history repeats itself. Beware any ideology that opens the floodgate to sin. Judgment lurks around the corner.

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