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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," October Edition 2007

Christ's Heavenly Kingdom Is Now Manifested On Earth

Dispensational premillennialism teaches that Jesus is coming back to set up an earthly kingdom for the Jews. Nowhere in the New Testament, however, did Jesus say anything about establishing an earthly kingdom for the Jews. He has, instead, a heavenly (II Tim. 4:18) and eternal (II Pet. 1:11) kingdom that is now manifested on earth (Dan. 2:44; Mk. 9:1)!

The "two kingdoms" theory of popular dispensationalism (one being heavenly for the church, and the other being earthly for the Jews) comes from the old Greek philosophy called Gnosticism, and not from Christ or his Apostles.

Dispensational false teaching has produced a huge apostasy from true Bible holiness within the modern evangelical movement. Now, God is calling His people to come out of that "late great" apostate situation, and be the authentic church, which is, and always has been, holy in heart and life.

Will you obey his call?

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