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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Summer Edition 2004

Dispensationalism's Fictional Jesus

    In Galatians 1:6 Paul refers to "another gospel" being proclaimed by the Judaizers that was designed to subvert the true Christian message.

    The problem came from certain Jews who did not understand the true meaning of Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ. They still clung to Jewish misconceptions of messianism that would, in effect, strip Jesus of his present reign and kingdom, bind Gentile converts to the requirements of an obsolete old covenant economy, and deny the liberty of the new age of redemption.

    Modern dispensationalism, likewise, promotes "another gospel" of messianic misconception. Here are the central pillars of it:

    1. Dispensationalism teaches "another Jesus" who is coming for the any-moment, secret pretribulation rapture of the church; the true Jesus of the Bible, by contrast, said that he would resurrect his followers only on "the last day," and at "the last trump" sounding.

    2. Dispensationalism teaches "another Jesus" who postponed his kingdom to the Jews at the end of Daniel's prophecy of the sixty-nine weeks; the true Messiah of Scripture, by contrast, fully established his kingdom of redemption for all mankind during the seventieth week of Daniel 9:27 two-thousand years ago.

    3. Dispensationalism teaches "another Jesus" who is coming back to politically reign over the Jews—in ancient oriental-monarchy-style—for a thousand years; the glorified Savior of the New Testament, by contrast, already reigns in the fullness of his everlasting kingdom now. When he returns it will be to resurrect and judge all men on the basis of the one standard of true righteousness fully revealed in the Christian gospel.

    Now what Jesus do you serve: the Judaizers' Jesus who is not the Christ, or the Messiah revealed in the New Testament?

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