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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," September Edition 2007

End-time Bible Prophecy Truths That Wake Us Up


Christ, not Antichrist, is the divinely-intended covenant-maker of Daniel 9:27. This was the majority viewpoint held by the Christian Church (including that of John Wesley) from the earliest ages until the prevalence of Scofield/Darbyism in the twentieth century.


Regarding Daniel's 70th Week, the "covenant" in question is the "new covenant" of the Christian revelation; it has nothing to do with the modern dispensational premillennial fiction of some personal "Roman Antichrist" making and breaking a peace deal with the Jews during some future seven year great tribulation time frame after the Church has been secretly removed in the rapture.


Jesus really is coming again to resurrect the dead and judge the world, just like he said (please read nmerous previous articles of this newsletter online for more details).


The second coming of Jesus Christ is preceded by a great apostasy within the Christian movement (II Thess. 2), and by the development and fall of "Babylon" as pictured in Revelation chapter eighteen.


Modern dispensational teachings, as "antinomian" ideology, have been widely spread throughout the fundamentalist Christian movement in the last hundred years. These antinomian teachings are largely responsible for the predicted apostasy of the last days, and result in the creation of the end-time Babylon of the Bible as well.


That Babylon is now the United States of America, which is built, as no other society, on the principles of religious antinomianism. Dispensational premillennialism, and other cults of false doctrine that fill the land today--chiefly the "once-saved always saved" salvation gospel theory--deceive countless millions into thinking they are "evangelical" Christians, when they do not yet understand the first principles of the doctrine of Christ, in terms of repentance of sin, and godly living.The antinomianism of the American church-world has corrupted American society and made it Babylon. Only when the professed American church is renewed in sound Christian doctrine is there hope for the redemption of the larger society as well. Judgment must begin at the house of God (I Pet. 4:17)!


The Bible predicts that in the very last days God will wake up the sleeping Church, especially that part of the Church that is still looking for the second coming of Jesus Christ (Matt. 25:1-13; Rev. 11:7-12). Now, that great midnight cry awakening call is starting to be sounded! It involves getting folks converted from the false Christ of popular dispensational teaching to the true Jesus of the Bible, and teaching them to understand the evangelical motivation inherent in the cause and effect relationship between sin and judgment. Only a recovery of the true Christian gospel revelation can avert our coming social distruction!

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