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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring Edition 2003

Goals Of The Reformation

    The long-term goal of the twentieth-first century Wesleyan Bible Prophecy reformation movement is simply to carry forward the vision and passion of God revealed in the coming and mission of Jesus Christ. By that we mean total world redemption in this present age through the power of the cross--nothing more or less than a world redeemed by grace both full and free.

    Our motto is what it used to be in the old-line Wesleyan Holiness movement: "full salvation free for all." The sole purpose of this paper, and our ministry is to promote scriptural holiness through ideological reform.

    The short-term goal of the reformation is to expose antinomianism. What is desperately needed now is a "reborn" Wesleyan Holiness movement completely free from the miscuing influence of dispensational premillennialism--the hyper-Calvinist theory Daniel Steele once called "a substitute for holiness, or antinomianism revived."

    How can these goals be accomplished?

    We believe in can be done in the following four ways:

    1. Through RECOGNITION of the heretical nature of dispensational teachings—breaking it all down and walking folks through the hoops of understanding the exegetical and theological fallacies of Darbyism.

    2. Through courageous public REPUDIATION of the system of popular dispensational falsehoods.

    3. Through REPENTANCE of our past ignorant involvement in this cult of false doctrine. Repentance is always God's way of dealing with men's past wrongs (Acts 17:30), and prepares them to start over in true freedom.

    4. Through RESOLVE to embrace and promote, in the church and in our own personal lives, sound Christian doctrine and experience.

    We are abut revival, renewal, reform. Please join us in working with the Lord to make such happen!

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