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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," April Edition , 2010

God Called Me To The Reformation

We have a mandate from God to awaken His church to the true second coming of Jesus Christ at the appointed coming crisis midnight hour.

The implication here, of course, is that the church is now asleep, and honestly needs to be jolted to her senses in terms of what constitutes the nature of unfolding historical realities. Is the church-world honestly asleep? In what way is she asleep? And what is involved in our claimed mandate of wakening?

The church is now mentally asleep in cognitive dissonance (perceptual discord) over what the Bible really teaches about the second coming of Jesus Christ. The main reason for this condition of intellectual scandal has been massive false programing among ordinary people concerning what the Bible really teaches about the history of salvation.

For example, the unwashed (unindoctrinated in the truth) masses are expecting a scenario of end-time events to materialize that is mirrored from what they read in the Left Behind series. We are talking about a worldview and a mentality, and all the intricate, intertwining nuances thereof--a set of expectations that is clung to as essential gospel truth, but which, in terms of absolute reality, is profoundly delusional.

How so? On the basis of the logical implications of exegetical fallacies concerning key end-time Bible prophecy proof-texts (Dan. 9:27; II Thess. 2:6-7; Rev. 20:1-8, for examples).

Can religious ideas have the kind of power over people that would motivate them to pursue a course of self-fulfilling prophecy that leads them, ultimately, to destruction? Yes indeed, friends, that is exactly what we are talking about--massive false programming, profound intellectual delusionalism, and the soon coming spiritual, moral, and physical collapse of the great whore Babylon--the self-righteous and immoral USA.

I am not advocating that Christians join the so-called "religious right" political movement in our nation, either. I am saying, rather, that the hypocritical, politically-obsessed religious right agenda being promoted by many evangelicals today is part of our delusionalism. And I am saying, more pointedly, that the Calvinist/fundamentalist dispensational ideology that motivates the religious right is the problem, and that a return to the Arminianism that is inherent in the sound doctrines of the Bible is the solution. Some are understanding this!--the awakening God called me to is happening!

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