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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Spring Edition 2007

How The End Arrives

The Bible speaks of the suddenness and unexpectedness of the fall of Bablyon that signals the in-breaking of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

There is no future "seven year"end-time prophetic time frame with which to start. There is no secret rapture of the Church beforehand, either. No personal one-world-government leader "the Antichrist" need arise, nor will such a fictional character ever make or break a peace deal with the Jews.

The Bible says, rather, that when they shall say "peace and safety" then "sudden destruction" comes on them. Please note that nothing is said of a "seven year" period of great tribulation in I Thessalonians chapter five!

Instead, the end will arrive with a big "bang." And that bang has to do with the fall of Babylon, which, according to Revelation chapter 18 is destroyed by fire in one hour of time (see verses 8, 10, 17, and 19).

Further, a great earthquake precedes the fall of Babylon, as seen in Revelation 6:12; 11:13; and 16:18. This sets the stage for the final Satanic push of Babylon's enemies against her.

Now suppose that a very great earthquake should suddenly and unexpectedly devastate a major portion of the USA, which, we see as the Babylon of the Apocalypse. What if the United States should suddenly become extremely vulnerable to its foes without by some act of God in judgment, like a great earthquake, that
devastates us from within?

Do we have the goodwill of the nations to run to our support? Or would it rather be seen as a time of opportunity for our enemies to exploit our weakenss? The Bible says that the "ten horns" will hate the great whore Baylon and burn her with fire (Rev, 17:16-17). Are we smart to be making enemies by our war on terror, in light of the day that is coming when the enemies that we have created will certainly get a chance to exploit our weakness to do us in?

Not smart! Yet the Bible actually prophecies this very scenario! The great whore Babylon will have enemies that hate her. This animosity will be brought by the devil to fever pitch. When the right time comes they--the disinfranchised powers--will burn Babylon with fire (Rev. 17:12, 16-18; 20:9).

The Bible predicts that the terrorists will win!

Now if we were really smart we could avert, or postpone, that scenario. But that would require us, as a society, to change our ways, and this is not possible without a genuine, pervasive revival of biblical Christianity among us!

If we were really Christians, friends, we would be peacemakers, the Bible says so (Heb. 12:14). It is to be feared that thorough ignorance of the Word of God, and by adopting the radical liberal Jewish thinkers' "survival by power" (rather than by trusting in the Lord!) mentality we are being trapped in the quagmire of self-fulfilling prophecy!

The American "neocon" religious right is itching to be warmongers in the Middle East in order to further what it imagines is another (returned to Judaism) version of end-time prophecy! Major miscalculations in Bible prophecy are creating a monster in world human dynamics that will ultimately destroy America!

Friends, it's time to wake up!

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