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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Winter Edition 2005

Learning To Think Outside The Box

Most of the American evangelical fundamentalist community today, including much of the Wesleyan Holiness movement, has not yet learned to think outside the box when it comes to the subject of end-time Bible prophecy.

So what is this "box" and how do we start thinking outside of it?

The box is Sir Robert Anderson's theory of interpreting Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. That theory has been so widely taught and is so deeply ingrained in the subsconscious world view of the masses of modern evangelicalism today that it is impossible, apart from a direct intervention of the Lord in openings one's eyes, for these multitudes to ever even remotely consider giving that precluded theory up. Simply put, Sir Robert Anderson's theory of the Seventy Weeks is to modern dispensationalism what the engine is to your car, it makes it work.

Logic holds that if we academically discredit SRA's theory of the Seventy Weeks, then the legions of modern-day dispensational premillennial end-time Bible prophecy scenarios built around that kingpin theory become quite useless, just like you car would become useless if the engine were removed.

Once one can see through the technical academic fallacies of Sir Robert Anderson's theory of interpreting the Seventy Weeks, then the Darbyite dispensational theory no longer has any rational consistency, and makes no sense. Like the car without its motor, that useless theory can, and should, go nowhere but to the scrap heap of all past discredited ideologies of the human race

Those who doubt the overturning power of logic to block bust the very pervasive and popular dispensational mind set or mentality here, need only do their homework to realize that what we say is true. When pressed to prove the biblical basis for the existence of some future "seven year" end-time great tribulation period with which to start, where do the modern speculative dispensational premillennial end-time Bible teachers all hark back to? When pressed to proved their cherished postponed kingdom and their tenaciously-held parenthetical church age notions, where do they turn?

Why, they all hark back to "the box," of course!

Dispensational teachers confidently believe that certain truth of end-time Bible prophecy understanding are self-evident, self-evident, that is, from the confines of that way of thinking that is limited to the closed circle of the box. One dispensationalist quotes another dispensationalist, who quotes another dispensationalist, and eventually, we get down and back to Sir Robert Anderson. He is the one source--the fountainhead--whence they all hark to, and bank on, for the defense, credibility, and authority of the entire system. As far as the hermeneutical basis for the emotionally cherished system of dispensational prophetic teaching is concerned, the buck stops here. Dispensationalists have so much put their utmost trust in this legendary theory of Sir Robert Anderson's as "the gospel truth" that any serious challenge to or discrediting of that theory threatens both their prophetic world view and their entire religious faith.

The jaundiced clouds of deeply entrenched prejudice surrounding this theory are so thick, one could almost cut them with a knife. If you don't believe me, then try contradicting it a little, and see how far you get. People will write you off and ignore you to a "t" if you deviate from the end-time prophetic system that they already know and only want to hear that has been catalyzed on Sir Robert Anderson's theory of the Seventy Weeks, even though these same folks have no clue of the dynamics that underlie and drive them in that attitude.

So once again, we press the logical issue that if it can be academically demonstrated that Sir Robert Anderson's theory of interpreting Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy weeks, like Joseph Smith's famed golden plates that were so central to the formation of the Mormon religion, is, after all, an intellectual fraud, then where does that leave the modern-day dispensational premillennialist?

Why, in a similar cult of false doctrine, of course. That's what so often happens to people who are too much geared to thinking in a box.

Reason, logic, and common sense are all good friends of Christian truth and Christian faith, and they all work beautifully together to demolish "the box."

Never forget it.

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