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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Summer Edition 2001

Modern Mistaken End-time Bible Prophecy Ideas About The Jews

The  popular belief throughout much of evangelical fundamentalism in our nation today is that "God is blessing America for being on the side of the Jews." This idea is of very recent origin. It did not come into prominence at all until after 1948.

    Now let me ask you this: how have things been going, morally and spiritually, in America since 1948?

    Well, first we can see that we have taken prayer out of our public schools since 1948. Second, we can see that we have legalized abortion since then. Friends, the list could go on and on of how the United States of America has DEGENERATED MORALLY AND SPIRITUALLY since we got to be on the Jews side after 1948!

    Yet millions continue to think that God is now blessing America mainly because she supports the modern state of Israel! The question we ask, however, is this: ON WHAT RATIONAL BASIS do we hold to this assumption?
    Friends,  the only way that we can honestly say  that God has favored America for being on the Jews' side since 1948 is MATERIALISTICALLY--we have certainly gone down hill morally and spiritually since then. What great revivals of true religion have we seen in the last fifty years that even come close to rival those of the first or second great awakenings in our nation's history?

    Many, we fear, are trying to avoid the issue that we could be majorily DECEIVED over this whole notion that God is blessing America today for the sake of unconverted, and in most cases very secular, racial Jews. Where is this mentality taking us prophetically as a nation anyway?

    First we would say that this whole notion that God is favoring America for supporting modern Jews is BLINDFOLDING our society to the issues of sin, righteousness, judgment, and redemption.

    Friends, we are exonerating a people who are denying the very foundations of our religion, and, in so doing, we are inadvertently denying the Christian faith as well ourselves. The Bible condemns salvation by pride of  place, or race, or face, or grace, yet the whole Jewish religion is based on self (race) righteousness.

    The Bible says, further, they that take the sword will perish with the sword, yet the modern state of Israel perpetuates the logic of power, while rejecting the power of logic, in dealing justly with the Palestinians in their cause. The Bible says "vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord," yet Israel is constantly seeking to extract vengeance.

    Nearly everything the modern Jewish ultra-religious mentality stands for the New Testament condemns. Certainly the conflict that the state of Israel is embroiled in today is against both the letter and the spirit of New Testament holiness. Why then, do Christian people care so little that Christian principles are not being enforced in this regard?
    The contemporary leaders of the state of Israel are not Moses, Joshua, David, or Solomon--if they were, they would lead their people immediately to Jesus Christ! Why? Because the world is now living in the fullness of the new covenant dispensation, not the shadowy figure of the old.

     Those who insist that racial Jews are guaranteed the land of Palestine by divine right, fail to pay attention to the "ifs" in Scripture. The land was promised on condition of obedience to God. If the Jews truly obey God today, they will become Christians. The Christian inheritance is the experience and life of sanctification, not a physical tract of land in the Middle East! (Acts 26-18).

    Jesus never taught his followers to go out and fight over land. If modern racial Jews obey God, and get the Christian inheritance, they will know how to live at peace with their neighbors in Palestine, or anywhere else (Hebrews 12:14)!

    God has made our nation what it has become today in terms of all that is right, and good, and true, and wholesome, because many in the past have obeyed the Gospel, not because this modern American generation of pseudo-Christian "antinomians" have chosen to be on the side of unbelieving racial Jews, rather than on the side of the true and Living God!   

On this issue, as with so many others, truth is the only thing that really matters. We serve a Man who said He was THE TRUTH. Some of His fellow countrymen put him to death as an imposter. Nobody hates them for it. Everybody has only now to deal with his own agenda in the context of resurrected TRUTH. When we stumble over that, we bring our problems upon ourselves.

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