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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," November Edition 2008

Postponed Kingdom Thinking Is Not Biblical Christianity

One of the cardinal tenants of classic Scofield/Darbyism is the notion that Jesus “offered” the Jews a “kingdom” during the time of His first advent, that, in this present so-called church age, or dispensation of the Holy Spirit, has now been placed on hold.

Acccording to this teaching, the kingdom is not the church, nor does it necessarily have anything to do with the church at the present time. The messianic kingdom is, rather, the earthly, physical, Jewish reign that Jesus sets up when He returns. Such is the cherished gospel of Scofield/Darbyism, but is this popular gospel of our day honestly the true gospel of Jesus Christ?

Let’s deal with the issue by examining the evidence. Where do people get the idea that the kingdom of Christ is some sort of a restoration to that Old Testament Jewish monarchial era that basically ignores everything that both Jesus and His apostles taught about fulfillment in messianism?

We could figure this all out by ourself, as dispensational premillennialists have already done, if we dispose of the New Testament altogether in our deference to the way that the Jewish rabbis interpret Scripture. Evidently Paul and the non-Christian Jews of his day got into quite an argument over this very issue--how to interpret Old Testament messianic prophecies. The apostles took the position that the messianic kingdom had arrived in the article of Messiah’s death and resurrection, and by salvation through the effusion of the Holy Spirit. Those Jews, who denied that Jesus was their Messiah, took quite another view. It was that, in spite of everything they saw fulfilled, the Messiah must still come to set up the promised kingdom.

I can tell the world the kingdom has already been set up, and I do, but that won’t change anybody’s mind. It takes a “conversion” to see the difference between the Christian gospel of the kingdom, and the intellectually and ideologically bankrupt gospel of the parenthesis and the postponement.

Have you, friend, been converted from the errors of dispensational fabrication?

If not, why not?

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