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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," November Edition 2007

Romans 8:16-23 Explained

Many people mistakenly believe that Romans 8:19-23 is talking about the inanimate creation, or the physical universe, “groaning and travailing together in pain” during this present age, in anticipation of Jesus returning to set up the millennial kingdom.

In the millennial age, so it is popularly thought, the entire inanimate creation is slated to experience a glorious release from its bondage to corruption that, presumably, was brought on by the fall of man.

To much is being read into the text by this theory of interpretation. The “creation” Paul is talking about here is not the whole inanimate physical creation, or the entire material universe. It is rather the human body that is being described by the terms “creature” and “creation” here.

Paul is talking about the physical bodies of the saints that now experience weakness, sickness, pain, and death, and yet, also bears the hope of a glorious resurrection. Nothing whatever is said of some post-second coming so-called “millennial age” in this passage!

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