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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Summer Edition 2004

The Bible Standard Of Dress Is Not Legalism

    The strength of the antinomian appeal within the evangelical community today lies in the delusion of its teaching that to obey the laws of God concerning how a Christian ought to dress is somehow "legalism." This has been the fashionable teaching that has swept through the church-world since the mid-twentieth century.

Here is one burning example. For women to obey God, and refrain from wearing men's clothing is supposed to be "legalism" (so the Antinomians teach) in spite of the fact that the Bible clearly condemns the "unisex" approach to life-style appearances (Deuteronomy 22:5).

Along with this comes the cutting of the hair, the wearing of jewelry, and the running around half naked in shorts and halters that be-smacks of a purely pagan lifestyle. Professed Christians are doing this very thing everywhere today, and they think that it is all OK. Professed evangelical churches are full of people who have no idea of what it means to be a real Christian in terms of how they dress. Those who dare to oppose them in their ungodly behavior are quickly crucified as "nasty legalists," who have no love.

To the exact contrary of what the Antinomians teach, the abandonment of a Bible standard of dress has EVERYTHING to do with the breakdown of public morality in our nation today. The blame for the breakdown of public morality in our society today needs to be placed squarely at the feet of false teachers--Antinomians--shameless, lustful men, who have made Christ a minister of sin, rather than a Savior from it.

Christian men must take their responsibility to maintain a standard of Bible holiness in the home. They are the head of the house. Their wives and daughters will be obedient to them if they will take seriously their responsibility in resisting the devil by standing for the morality of the home, and by setting an example of the sanctified life themselves.

Men, by their concession  to religious  antinomianism, have gotten our nation into its adulterous mess. Christian men must now take charge and redeem their families for God.

Contrary to public opinion, and like it or not, the fight against antinomianism is preeminently a man's warfare. I invite you to join me in it

When we fight our national wars, the men will bear the brunt of battle. Be a man now, and fight for the cause of righteousness and true holiness in the earth. The devil hates us, but it's time for us, under God, to take the devil out. Train the big guns--bind the devil in the name of Jesus--, and storm that hill--cast him out, in the name, and in the authority and in the power of Jesus Christ!

Have a raw power show-down with all the forces of evil arrayed against your life, my dear struggling-in-the-darkness friend, and walk away the victor!

JESUS IS ALIVE, and he still casts out devils, with all the moral confusion that their false counsels have engendered. His true followers, likewise, are given the right, and the enabling, to do the same!

We have the dominion, and we stand for godly culture, which includes the Bible's standard for outward adornment.

God's holy people have but to drive the treacherous Antinomians out of their churches, and they shall prevail!

"Antinomianism is a monster that lives in darkness, bring light upon it, and it expires."

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