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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," October 2008

The Biblical Order Of End-time Events: Sign 1

The Bible says "no man knows the day or hour when the Son of man cometh." This statement, however, in no way contradicts the fact that the Bible also gives us a clear order of end-time events--SIGNS--, if you will, that can be discerned by all who take an interest in studying and learning about them.

For example, Paul tells us that "that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and the man of lawlessness be revealed" (II Thess. 2:3ff.). This clearly points to a great backsliding of the Christian movement into lawlessness, or "antinomianism" (from the compound Greek words anti and nomos, translated "against law") before Christ returns.

Now antinomianism is a very old problem of the human race. Simply put, it is "election without obedience theology," or the teaching that one may be the favored of God without obedience to divine revelation. Israel had this problem over and over again in the Old Testament. It was a subtle form of self-righteousness, in which the people held to belief in their "standing" (i.e., they were the chosen ones), while their actual "state," or condition, did not match up (e.g., as when they were worshipping idols, or being involved in heathen practices). This tension between ancient Israel's state and standing was an expression of their problem with antinomianism. The lawless principle was in their hearts. God, however, promised that one day he would give them a "new heart" that would be one-directional in loving and serving Him (Jer. 32:38-39).

The Christian movement has likewise struggled with its own identity in terms of the "new covenant," which provided its incipient primitive foundation, and of which, during much of its history, it has failed to fully comprehend.

The new covenant solves the problem of antinomianism. The messianic gift of the Holy Ghost purifies the heart, thus dissolving (eradicating) the lawless principle within. This experience of what we call "entire sanctification" then enables us to love and serve the Lord in a one-directional manner, without the antinomian proclivities of rebellion arising from the heart.

Holiness of heart and life is the epitome and norm of Christianity. At the end-time, friends, antinomianism will be revived, and holiness forsaken.

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