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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," January 11, 2011

The Coming Apocalyptic Collapse Of The Great Self-righteous
Zio-American Empire

“Zio-American” means the United States now controlled by the Rothschild Zionist criminal cabal (the Israeli Mossad master-minds that committed 9/11), and is now the driving force behind American wars of empire that are continuing, ten years later, to be carried out under the fraudulent rubric of “the war on terror.”

The problem is that these endless Zio-American wars of empire are bankrupting our nation, and alienating us from the rest of the world diplomatically, as well. Certainly this does not bode well for the cause of world stability and peace–a matter that should be of great concern to those conservative Christians who are praying–as Jesus taught us–for the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth.

Now we know very well, friends, that modern-day dispensational premillennialists do not believe in the traditional Christian concern for the coming of world peace through the advancement of the gospel cause. But that is only another twist to this whole subject–a twist that is also very much a part of the over-all big problem.

Let us put true Christian values first! Then we can now see how the hubristic self-righteous “talking heads” –personalities that dominate the religious right agenda which has so much influence over the politics of our nation today–are themselves also part of the media-orchestrated 9/11 crime and cover-up that allows the shameful warmongering escapades of the Zio/American empire to continue.

Yes, confusing as it must surely seem, friends, we are getting hit from both sides of the fence. While superficially and outwardly giving the appearance of being at great odds, both the American political left and the American political right (both infiltrated by the Zionists!) are, in fact mutually complicit at the center. It’s the age-old method for subjugation and control that empire uses upon her subjects, and it’s called “divide and conquer.” “Get dummies to in-fight among themselves,” so the old divide and conquer theory runs, ”and that takes their eyes off of the real behind-the-scenes manipulators.”

Divide and conquer strategy of empire inevitably involves the use of major delusionalisms on one side of the fence, or on the other, and usually on both. And interestingly as well, according to Revelation 20:8, the great end-time working of Satan lies in his unparalleled efforts to so deceive the nations!

The greatest problems of the human race must always be recognized as being tied, not to politics, but to personal human sin. Bigoted so-called conservative talking heads would have us to despise our neighbor because he is a liberal Democrat. The Bible, by contrast, teaches us the truth that both we, and our neighbor, are cursed by a common sin (Rom 5:12ff.) and need a common Saviour.

The answer, then, lies not merely in installing a more conservative government in Washington. After all, if these so-called new conservatives, too, become beholden to higher powers that are evil (in this case, the Rothschild/Zionist overlords who now control both Wall Street and the mainstream media), then what ultimate good will all these turncoats do us down the road?

The fact is, friends, that the highest evil powers that exist are not self-styled racial Jews, or–for that matter–, any other ethnic, social, or religious species of humanity within the world today. Please beware, then, dear Christian friends, a hypocritical, trumped-up religious right’s incitement to Islamophobia!

The highest evil powers, we repeat, are not found in flesh and blood, but are real spiritual DEMONS, actively engaged in trying to prevent US ALL from fleeing NOW to Jesus Christ–earth’s one great universal common Saviour and our precious, ever-living Lord.

“Open our blinded societal eyes, dear Jesus, and cause us now to see our own Pharisaical self-righteousness. Forgive our religious hypocrisy– the sin that prevents us from understanding wherein our true health and healing, as a people, lies. Forgive us for denying and betraying You by our concessions to those who reject and hate You. Love only can the strength of our sin subdue! Come, oh our Saviour, cast out sin, and make our hearts anew! In Thy Name we pray, amen.”

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