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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," January Edition, 2011

The Gospel Of Four Sacred Cows: Its Influence On The Ideology
Of The Modern American Religious Right

Over the years we have written extensively on what we call “the gospel of four sacred cows.” Here, once again, is the basic outline of classic textbook Scofield/ Darbyism that we are talking about.


Jesus postponed His messianic kingdom to the Jews at the end of the first 69 weeks of Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks, as per the theory of Sir Robert Anderson. This means that the church and the kingdom must always be kept separate and distinct from each other in order to rightly understand end-time Bible prophecy–church for this present age–kingdom for future millennial reign.


Any moment secret pretribulation rapture of the church.


Future post-rapture seven year great tribulation time table of events, dominated by the career activities of one-world government leader personal (Roman) Antichrist making and breaking a peace deal with the Jews (all based, ostensibly, on Daniel’s future seventieth week).


Return of Christ after the Battle of Armageddon to set up His Jewish millennial reign.

The above delusional gospel system, deeply ingrained in the mindset of millions, now allows for the takeover of America by anti-Christian world Zionism (a form of Communism).

Friend's it's past time now for more of us to start thinking outside the delusional Darbyite mentality box--before it's to late. When we wake up, finally, and find ourselves completely enslaved by a godless communist police state, please remember that somebody tried to warn us, and nobody would listen.

The Zionist's are really not the dedicated Christians' friend, friends, not at all!

What they want is power, weath, and secular world-dominion. They will use our false religion of Scofield/Darbyism to their own advantage in gaining these ends, if we will be so stupid enough as to allow them to get by with it.

Think about it!

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