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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Winter Edition 2007

The Logic Of The Awakening

What we teach is very logical. We start with John Wesley's belief that Christ is the covenant-maker of Daniel 9:27. This means, logically, that Antichrist is NOT the intended person involved. Thus, modern dispensationalists, who teach Sir Robert Anderson's theory of the future seven year great tribulation/Roman Antichrist peace deal making and breaking conundrum, based on Daniel 9:27, have missed the (rapture) boat.

The significance that flows out of the logic of Christ as the covenant-maker of Daniel 9:27 is simply this: no future seven year end-time prophetic time-frame exists with which to start. Where does the New Testament say anything about some future seven years?

It doesn't. And with that fact the world view/mentality gestalt of Darbyism cracks, and falls logically apart. Please see our books for more specific details.

Sir Robert Anderson's "Roman Antichrist" hoax of Daniel 9:27 constitutes the interpretative cornerstone of an elaborate system of false teaching that is amazingly obstructionist in its effects. By that we mean it totally obstructs, obscures, confuses, and confounds what the Bible REALLY says about the end-time.

What the Bible really says involves, NOT a secret rapture of the church before some imagined future seven year great tribulation saga, followed by the return of Christ to set up an earthly Jewish kingdom, but rather, instead, the "up-front" second coming of Christ to execute the general resurrection of the dead and to effect the universal judgment of all mankind. This event happens immediately after the apocalyptic fall of Babylon, which, as we have pointed out for years, is our own religiously-backslidden society now increasingly in the making.

Obstructionism is further seen in the fact that the false prophetic world view of Darbyism blinds its adherents to moral reality. The apostasy that flows out of its truncated version of Christian theology, ironically, in turn, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, wherein the antinomian proclivities produced by the prevalence of its heretical ideology is a major player in causing our society to evolve into the great materialistic, immoral, self-righteous "Babylon" empire of the last days.

Finally, instead of escape by way of the secret pre-tribulation rapture, the religiously false-programmed antinomian masses of the Roman Babylon will be destroyed by the third-party judgment of God, just like He used surrounding evil nations to punish Israel for her apostasy in Old Testament times.

Friends, God will use our enemies as a scourge to bring His judgment upon us for our apostasy, too, unless we repent.

A modern church-world caught up in dispensational teachings is asleep at the midnight hour! Correspondingly, the truths we teach that debunk the obstructing interpretational fallacies of the system constitute the essence of the "midnight cry" awakening!

Before we were aware of these truths we were deceived, and intellectually asleep. Now that conscious-raising has occurred, we have a responsibility to be responsive, lay aside prejudice, and walk in the light. Will you?

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