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Unpublished article initially prepared in April 2011

The Role Of Self-fulfilling Prophecy In The Materialization Of The Biblical End-Time

God would have His children now band together for the greatest spiritual awakening and true holiness revival that the world has ever known. It’s already happening with some of us. Approaching hard times may serve to drive others, we believe, back to realism, as their world view mentality collapses under the weight of coming tremendous events, for which they are now totally unprepared.

The prospects for sin is judgment. Most people seem to have forgotten this. The solution to the sin problem is salvation, not politics. Some of us need to be reminded of this again. And most importantly, we all need to understand the “Arminian” dynamics of self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Self-fulfilling prophecy” means folks participating in attempting to bring about what they believe to be inevitable. People make things happen. Men’s actions spring from their beliefs. Thus, wrong beliefs can often lie at the start of a process that ultimately leads to self-fulfilling prophecy. Apocalyptic pessimism--the doomsday looming Armageddon complex-- can very well turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Let me explain the coming BIG SURPRISE of how the tables are about to turn on us.

First, we should be reminded that most people now on earth do not share the theology of dispensational premillennialism, and so are not convinced that the world must all revolve around the Zionist State of Israel. I know this politically incorrect statement might come as a shock, or an offense, to some of you, but it is the truth, nevertheless. It’s very hard for most modern NON-biblical fundamentalists, whose theology is totally colored by the antinomianism of Scofield/Darbyism, or dispensational premillennialism, to think logically or objectively here, and to accept the fact that most of the world is not obsessed by what happens to the nation of Israel.

The modern Religious Right is extremely hypocritical in its approach to politics as the solution to all of the world’s problems, without a proper Christian concern for the salvation of lost souls. Thorough it’s unqualified support for the anti-Christian Zionist State of Israel, the dispensationally-deceived Religious Right is setting itself up for coming disillusionment and demise--self-fulfilling prophecy style.
How? Through the realization of it’s worst fears--the isolation and destruction of the Zionist State of Israel at the hand of her enemies. It happened in 586 B.C. , it happened in 70 A. D., and it will happen again in the end of the world, the Bible plainly says so in the book of Revelation (17:16-17).

Popular dispensational premillennialism fails to agree with the Bible in the severity of its assessment of the results of the Jewish rejection of Christ. Instead of agreeing with the New Testament truth claims of who Jesus really is, and what really happened at the time of Christ’s first advent, modern dispensational Religious Right Antinomians gush and exude over the Zionist State of Israel, as if present Jewish rejection of Christ does not matter at all.

What Scofield/Darbyism presents to the modern world is “another Jesus,” who is tailor-made to aggrandize human carnality, epitomized in what St. Paul condemned as legendary Jewish self-righteousness. Friends, the dynamics that led to earthly Jerusalem’s destruction in past Bible times are the same as we see developing in the Middle East today. Please wake up!

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