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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," March Edition, 2011

Revelation Chapter 17: The Ultimate Destinies Of Judaism And The Church

The first woman, the New Testament Christian church, which came out of the matrix of old covenant Israel, we have already met in Revelation chapter 12. Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A. D., but that did not mean that the religion of Judaism ceased to exist. To the contrary, Talmudic Judaism survived through the succeeding centuries and is now today more flourishing than ever. And the hostile rejectionist attitude of this religious sect toward Jesus of Nazareth has not abated one iota, either. Judaism persecuted the church in the days of the apostles. And it has continued to despise and oppose the spread of Christian truth-claims concerning the Lord Jesus Christ ever since.

We see this today in the Western world, where behind much of those cultural and social secular forces that militate against and undermine the moral values of Christianity there is the dominance of Jews. Hollywood and the sports entertainment mega industry are the primary examples. An endless and ever increasing flood of moral pollution and corruption flows out of Hollywood and its affiliates. This is truly the “great whore” of Revelation chapter 17 verses 1-7, “corrupting the earth with fornication,” and by whom the kings of the earth are now being seduced into involvements in her cesspool of iniquity.

Many Christians do not realized how fully the Jews have now gotten control of the levers of power in the Western world. One only has to see the influence of AIPAC over the halls of our federal government to realize that this is true, not only in America, but in much of Europe as well. The economies and the mass media outlets of many nations are firmly in control of the Zionists and their sympathizers throughout the world today.

The spiritual, moral, social, economic, and political SEDUCTION AND DECEPTION involved with this situation is clearly pictured in Revelation chapter 17 as the woman riding the beast. The beast here is the legacy of the old Roman Empire, or in a broad sense what is known as the Western world. The woman herself is that city, “earthly Jerusalem,” that stands in opposition to the heavenly Zion of which all true Christians are now a part (Gal. 4:20-31; Heb. 12:18-24). Notice that this woman “rides” the beast. This means that she has assumed control over it. Notice, also, that in Revelation 13:7-10 the witnesses of God, the Church, is at the end-time overcome and destroyed by the influence of Satanic seduction in Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. This phenomenon has been happening through the “return to Judaism” influence of the false teachings of popular dispensational premillennialism throughout American fundamentalism in recent times.

And it is Darbyite antinomianism in America today, dear friends, that is most in bed with the secular Zionist pursuit of world domination, and, tragically, is thus being spiritually and moral betrayed thereby. The ten horns will hate the whore and burn her with fire (17:16-17). The goal of the Islamic world is to liberate Palestine. The current unrest in this part of the world can only facilitate that latent urge. Earthly Jerusalem–the whore and her daughters–will again be destroyed–the Bible predicts it! Realize this, dear friends, and come out of sect Babylon, where false doctrines are being taught, and return unto the fold of the one true Church of God. Amen.

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