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Originally published in "The Lord's Coming Herald & Wesleyan Bible Prophecy Advocate," Winter Edition 2007

The Value Of Teaching The Biblical Judgment Day

Dispensationalists do not believe in, or teach, the old Bible doctrine of a general resurrection of the dead, and a last great universal Judgment Day. This departure from biblical truth has greatly reduced the church's ability to influence the moral consciousness of the present generation toward righteousness.

Failure to preach the universal Judgment Day is also in keeping with the antinomian proclivities that adhere to the overall impact of involvement in the Darbyite system. Antinomianism is enshrined in the structure of all its dogmas. The result of embracing those false teachings is moral apostasy in Christian churches.

That is exactly why the modern church has generally forsaken the time-honored biblical standards of life-style holiness, and is near universally secular and worldly in its apprehension of the religion called New Testament Christianity.

How different from the historic Christian church of prophets and martyrs, who confronted their generations with the honesty of judgment day truth, not kingdom postponement and flesh-pampering escapism.

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